Juanita Lyon - Los Angeles based Hair & Make-Up Artist specializing in creating natural, classic, timeless looks.

Juanita - a native of Australia, was born on a sugar cane farm where she spent her formative years sketching and painting. In her teens she was drawn to hairdressing as a vocation and utilized her artistic skills on a daily basis at an exclusive Australian hair salon.
Not content in the confines of a hairdressing salon, (or on an Island continent for that matter), she set out to discover the world backpacking across Europe and eventually living and working in London. Her travels led her throughout other parts of the globe finally landing her in Los Angeles. Taking full advantage of LA and all it has to offer she enrolled in the Otis College of Art and Design and continued her studies of sculpture and painting.
Juanita then started work at a special effects lab working on such movies as Mars Attacks, Face Off, Broken Arrow and Get Shorty before deciding to combine her hair and make-up skills and enter the world of fashion.

Her work can be seen in publications such as Italian Vogue, GQ, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone and Marie Claire. Advertising clients include Old Navy, Lucky Jeans, Vans, Coke, Reebok and Nintendo to name a few.
A natural born artist, Juanita still finds inspiration in the clean, yet sophisticated style she loves in the sculptures of Rodin, to the iconic images of Helmut Newton. Sonic inspiration stems from the dark brooding melodies of Nick Cave, The Pixies and Leonard Cohen to Australian bands like INXS and Dragon - bands that soundtracked her childhood.
Juanita is a certified instructor in the Filipino Martial Arts of Silat and Kali, and is at present, Level 2 in Muay Thai.

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